Here are some basic pointers to assist you with the preparation of your tracks for digital/analog mastering:

Digital Mixing

More than 90 percent of the projects we work with are recorded in a digital format. If you are mixing on a digital audio workstation, there are a few simple do’s and don’ts to achieve the best results. First, don’t normalize your mixes or apply any overall equalization, we prefer that the music NOT go through any unnecessary processing. Over compression, limiting or excessive volume can degrade the signal.

It is best to leave 2 to 4 db of headroom on your mix, to allow our mastering engineers sufficient space to process your program. Whenever possible, record with a 24 bit resolution. If you plan to submit high resolution mixes for mastering (24 bit).

Please note, you must provide a two track mix, we do not accept stems.

Digital & File Formats

Please submit your files in .wav or .aif formats. Please do not “zip” your files.

Sampling Rates

We accept 44.1K, 48K, 88.2K, 96K for online direct mastering, in general the higher the sampling rate, the better.


Please be as clear as possible when submitting your source masters. Be sure to include a clear, concise, track listing, with accompanying ISRC codes if applicable and you are ordering a PMCD or DDP master (see ISRC Codes below). Your data files should also be clearly labeled with the song titles (which matches the track listing) so that we are clear as to which mix to use. Please include a listing of the sequence you desire if we are providing a PMCD or DDP master.

ISRC Codes

An ISRC (International Standard Recording Code) is a 12 character code embedded into each track as your master is created by Trutone. The code identifies the track as belonging to you and facilitates logging radio plays and royalty collection. To apply for ISRC registration codes visit: If you require per track ISRC codes, please request this service when placing your mastering order and clearly indicate each code next to the respective track on your track listing sheet.


As a service to our clients, all projects are archived. However, Trutone Mastering Labs is not liable for the perpetual storage and safe keeping of mastered files. This being the case, please order a backup or file copy of your mastered tracks.

Master Preparation info has been condensed from our complete MASTER PREPARATION GUIDELINES